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Joie Rasberry 


Corporate Training

1. Leveraging Resilience for Your Bottom Line

According to the Harvard Business Review, employee productivity in most organizations dropped by at least 3 to 6 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders are increasingly faced with the challenge of optimizing employee performance while championing them through the very real issues of today. But there are hacks to help employees be more resilient, based entirely on science and a bit of common sense.

Resilience is the foundation, both individually and organizationally, for reversing declines in performance. Research shows that when we develop and practice the rituals of resilience, the results are improved health, more energy, passion and engagement, lower turnover and greater team innovation and productivity.

In this high-energy interactive talk, Joie teaches simple, usable daily practices to improve our levels of resilience and how to leverage the stress of uncertainty and change to build long-term growth.


2. Creating a Culture of Resilience

Stress and overwhelm are even larger challenges for organizations today, making these questions ever more important: Are we too tired, busy or burned-out to think big? And if so, what do we do about it? With the pace of change only continuing to escalate during and after COVID-19, it’s critical that businesses provide an optimal environment for people to be at their best.

With an estimated $62 billion being spent each year in corporate health and safety costs alone due to exhaustion and burnout, it’s vital that leaders develop the organizational capacity to not only perform under stress, but to thrive in the face of it.

In this high-energy and interactive talk, Joie explores the critical factors necessary to build higher performance capacity and resilience through a Got Your Back Culture. Your team will leave with tangible takeaways for a lasting impact well after the event is over.


3. Resilience is the Unsung Hero

In this high energy talk, Joie will share what she calls the Resilient Leadership to help create high performance results — where team members are mentally, emotionally, and physically bought into the same mission. Joie helps her audiences understand that resilience is a lot more than endurance and that leadership means more than simply being in charge. Her heart-centered leadership techniques help organizations understand how to nurture their teams so they can outlast the competition and go the distance.

Through a combination of audience participation and powerful stories straight out today’s headlines, Joie Rasberry shares:

• How transparency creates trust — the most critical element in developing a high performing team.

• How to hold team members accountable from a place of love versus judgment.

• A game-changing feedback system to encourage more authentic, fast and effective communication.

• Systems that encourage healthy risk-taking and create a got-your-back culture vs, a watch-your-back culture.

Discover How Powerful Your Voice Is

From a childhood speaker, collegiate Speech & Debate winner, to a Professional Speaking Sensation, Joie Rasberry pens compelling, intriguing, and strategic content that impress the media, attract clients, pen award-winning speeches and words and lure visibility. 

Available for Speaking Engagements at Significant Events

Sample Topics Are Provided Under Each Listing


A. Annual Honors Day Convocations

1. You, Too, Can Make It

2. Excellence in Achievement

3. The Continuous Pursuit of Excellence

B. Commencement Ceremonies

1. After the Tassel is Moved

2. Leadership in a World Gone Mad

3. Where to Now

C. Spiritual Emphasis

1. Your Next Experiment, Try God

2. I Know He is Able

3. If It Had Not Been For the Lord On My Side

D. Faculty and Staff Meetings

1. Getting the Most Out of Students

2. Cooperative Endeavors, Successful Ventures

3. What Students Don’t Always Tell You


A. Girls Day

1. To Be Young and Gifted

2. Girl Power

3. Diva Distinction

B. Promotion Day

1. You Made It

2. On to the Next Step

3. Success is Yours for the Asking

C. Parent/Teachers Association Meeting

1. Why You Are Desperately Needed

2. The Value of Teamwork

3. Each One, Reach One

D. Teachers' In-Service Training Workshops

1. The Making of a Good Teacher

2. The Importance of the Teaching Function in a Democratic Society

3. Tools Now at Your Disposal


A. Ladies' Retreats

1. Finding a Way to Balance Yourself by Keeping It All Together

2. When You Need Encouragement

3. Just Another Day's Journey

B. Men's Conferences

1. Dare to Stand, When All Else is Sinking Sand

2. Point Man

3. Why Your Presence is Needed

C. Youth Gatherings

1. Stand for Something or Fall for Anything

2. There is Good, Better and Best

3. Put Your Best Foot Forward


A. Public Assemblies

1. Community Responsibility

2. For Generations to Come

3. The Power of the Ballot

B. Leadership Seminars

1. No Time Like Now

2. Character, Skill and Power Concepts

3. Go Where No One Has Gone Before


A. Managerial Sessions

1. Communication Rules the Nation

2. In These Changing Times

3. Interpersonal, Intercultural, and Organizational Behaviors

B. Leadership Training Sessions

1. Leadership or Follow-ship

2. The Expectations of a Good Leader

3. Principles of Leadership

C. Professional Gatherings

1. Professional Competency

2. Clientele Expectations

3. Ethics and Your Profession


A. Honors and Awards Banquets

1. Honor to Whom Honor is Due

2. Honor Isn’t Cheap

3. Accept our Applause

B. Anniversary Banquets

1. Another Milestone

2. Still Making Progress

3. A Look Ahead


A. Fraternal and Civic Organizations

1. Opportunities to Make a Difference

2. Make Your Days Count for Something

3. Why Do We Gather Here

B. Business and Professional Organizations

1. Fired Up to Do the Job

2. Running Interference

3. Professional Update


A. Business and Professional Organizations

1. Overcoming Stage Fright

2. Preparation for the Speaking Event

3. Practice Under Supervision

B. Civic, Political and Community Leaders

1. Public Appeal

2. The Right Word, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

3. Effective Delivery Styles

C. Executives: Business, etc…

1. Commanding Stage Presence

2. Reaching Audience Expectations

3. Techniques of Informative & Persuasive Speaking


• Feed Your Faith and Doubt Will Starve to Death

• How I Failed My Way to Success

• From JENSEN Drive 2 PENNSYLVANIA Avenue – My Story

• Deeply Rooted in the Principles of Success

• Laugh All the Way to the Bank

• Never Take “NO” for an Answer

• Move From Your Comfort Zone

• From Disappointment to Re-Appointment

• As Long as There is Life, There is Hope

• How to Handle the Challenges of Life

• Don’t Just Fight, Win

• Decide What Deserves Your Energy

• No Vision, No Victory

• A Salute to Parents Whose Children Have Gone Astray

• Dare to Stand, When All Else is Sinking Sand

• Two Sandwiches Shy of a Picnic Basket

• The Elevator is Down, You’ll Have to Take the Stairs

• Let the Church Say Amen

All of the above programs may be delivered in a keynote, half-day or full-day format.