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Joie Rasberry 


Silent Contractor 

Joie Rasberry Enterprises Puts its Writing Skills to Work as a Ghostwriter

Joie Rasberry Enterprises knows how to stands invisibly in the background, providing words and/or ideas for personalities and businesses. While some consider it cool to flaunt that they have a publicist, others deem it counterproductive. Even in a world of transparency, many businesses can't let their clients know that an outsourced agent is behind their brilliance. 

Advertising agencies, branding firms, design consultancies, and corporate communications departments have long hired ghostwriters to provide content and concepts for everything from sales collateral to direct mail to interactive and social media campaigns. The New York Times was among the first to “let the cat out of the bag” about celebrities and high-profile personalities employing “celebrity ghost twitterers” to compose their blogs and tweets.

Countless companies and personalities call on Joie Rasberry Enterprises as the “behind-the-scenes” voice-of-choice to breathe life into their brand.

Private counsel is sought by companies in crisis who need help in devising recovery tactics. Authors who are experiencing writers’ block need a ghostwriter to fill in the blanks, while the author is officially credited. Corporations routinely outsource copywriting of their web sites. Politicians and speakers require winning speeches and would lose their fan base if audiences knew that the orator wasn’t the mastermind behind the message. 

Companies attempting to launch a product require confidential guidance; they may be sharing business plans and other classified documents in order for Joie Rasberry Enterprises to develop their marketing message. Quiet account handling is necessary in creative collaborations with advertising agencies where the agency itself is Joie Rasberry Enterprises client. More and more high-profile individuals and business leaders request total confidentially in representation. In such cases, client identity is not advertised, and services performed are top-secret.

Willingness to sign nondisclosure and confidentially forms makes Joie Rasberry Enterprises a leading silent contractor for a growing roster of global clients.