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Joie Rasberry 


Learn About Joie Rasberry and

Women’s Ministry

Joie Rasberry is master at her craft, a powerful in-demand and sought-after speaking sensation who eloquently and passionately speaks to women as if they matter. She believes that women ought to live extraordinary lives without apology.  Her messages continue to defy cultural, religious and socio-economic boundaries with powerful keynotes and writing aimed at helping all women regardless of their associations or affiliations. 

Rasberry knows how to delve deep into those sensitive issues that aren't addressed much in faith-based circles, helping women to defy impossibilities, overcome the unpleasantries of life, and push past mediocrity. 

She unashamedly, yet with love and understanding, expands tough themes, showing real women, in a real world, who have real issues, how to serve a real Savior. She believes that no woman should live a defeated life and that every woman should live in hope, live in love, live in expectancy, and live in grace.  

Rasberry intertwines her expertise and skills as a world renowned motivational speaker, thespian actress, poet, spoken word performer, award-winning author & writer, speech & debate educator, and Public Affairs news radio co-host,  as she belts out words that leave audiences mesmerized, captivated and spellbound. 


Rasberry's Women's Ministry

In memory of her oldest sister, Joie Rasberry once operated a residential group home where she housed teens and young adult females who were homeless due to abuse, abandonment and neglect. While working with these young people, she spent a great deal of time getting to know their mothers. Here is where she saw and heard desperate cries, tender moaning, painful stories and excruciating heartbreak. Rasberry's passion turned into a need to assist women who are hurting, lost, confused and cannot find their way. From food, clothing, shelter, transportation, educational assistance, benefits assistance, counseling, medical and psychological referrals, domestic violence & drug rehabilitation centers, spiritual guidance and family reunification, we use our knowledge and pool of resources to help women recover, reposition themselves and find hope in the midst of it all. This critical work keeps the memory of her sister alive, believing that no woman should have to walk it alone or be made to suffer in silence. Your donation will help us help her. The needs are varied and your help is appreciated. 

Guiding Women All Around the World

Joie Rasberry sets the record straight, letting women know that they do not have to live in defeat and to defy every impossibility. She challenges, stimulates and inspires women to believe in themselves, transcend negative expectations, and love themselves enough to do the work that will change their lives. 

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